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Hi, I just completed every campaign in MCC on legendary and haven't unlocked both the "legend" achievement and the helioskrill armor. I even have proof that I did, and it is linked below. I checked waypoint and it said that I have only completed 20% of halo ce (total) 54% of halo 2 (total) and 78% of halo 3 (total) (although it says that I have completed halo 4 on legendary completely). I really do not want to replay most of the campaigns as it is literally like going to hell and back (those who have actually done all campaigns on legendary would understand). I've been working towards this around when halo 5 came out (so nearly 2 years now).

Proof: (per mission)
No way you can fix it. just play through the campaigns again.
Sadly they are server side achievements now so if levels didn't register as complete all you can do is replay them. My recommendations are this #1 use a wired connection for your Xbox, #2 do a hard reset before playing MCC or even H5 for that matter. #3. Make sure you watch all the cut scenes from start to finish. #4 make sure you aren't using any of the "cheat" skulls (I recommend not using any to be on the safe side.)
Dude, check out the intro missions, that happened to me in H3, even if is only cinematics
i guess its a good thing i didnt do all that work. sorry bro