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OP John Leonidas

Do anyone here know to how send the bookmark file of save game from their Halo 5 to on a xbox live account?
I have a lot very good grifball game save file on my bookmark in Halo 5 that have my Extermination medal, Killionaire Medals and other medal i got playing grifball.

So why Halo 5 i can't save a video file and save a picture and show to all my friends online, but in Halo 4, Halo Reach, and Halo 3 i can? 343i why you keep breaking thing don't need need to change on Halo. Ever hear the old saying "Don't fix something that not broken?"

I love Halo and love Grifball also love using theater to watch and edit my save game file but why 343i you change theater where i can't save a picture or video file to my Content Browser?

Did Microsoft tell you to change for Xbox One or you thought it was good idea in Halo 5 to remove something that in Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo 4 that was standard normal theater to have a save picture and save video of last game play.

I hope on next update 343i will fix this problem in Halo 5.

So what you think about this Spartan?

What your feeling about this?

Do you think this is a bad move on 343i to remove theater editing in Halo 5 or what?

I want know how to fix this problem so i can show to all my spartan friends why Halo 5 so fun to play, but i think 343i is never going to fix it like they never going to fix Halo MCC.
Anyone please help me out on this topic?
Double tap the Xbox button on your controller, and press the Y button for a screenshot, and the X button for a video clip.

Just use Xbox's capture system.
My Xbox's capture system is turn off on my Xbox One.
When i double tap the xbox button on my controller, and press Y don't work, all it do is take me out the Halo 5 and to Xbox One Home screen so what now?
I will not download and turn on Xbox's capture system app on my Xbox One.
The only way to get clips on waypoint is through the xbox game dvr, which you do not want to use.