There is a temporary fix for the spawn error, where you cannot spawn in Forge due to no respawn points and are presented with a frozen screen.

You must load up the game and have a friend then join the session. It will create a spawn point for the team your friend is on, and then your friend can make a spawn point for your team for you to spawn.

Now you can continue to forge maps while you wait for them to update all the new problems :D

Credit goes to Shadowsheriff68 for finding this fix.
Bump, for those who want a temporary fix
I tried doing this and it didn't work. The other player would get the exact same frozen screen.
I tried it just now, it worked for me. I got a frozen screen for just a second first, but spawned in the middle of the map.
Hi, can anyone help me? When I'm in forge and I use the 90 degree rotation snap it rotates like its at a 60 or 45 degree snap, making forge a big pain. I've tried messing around with the tool settings but it's no use. Am I the only one with this issue?
Having the same issue. Can anyone assist me?
My forge does not let me join because it says your Fireteam safety members don't allow you to view this information and I changed my Xboxone settings and it still does not work can you help 343 industies
Help me please