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[Locked] Huge Gravity Volume glitches in Forge.

OP Larry Tanng

Grenades and rockets bounce off of the walls of gravity volumes which breaks gameplay.

Also, stacking volumes next to each other has that same glitch from MCC, where you fly to the top of the map where 2 volumes meet.

I'd also like to note that, not being able to resize them like trait zones really makes them useless, because there's very little you can do with them without settings. We should just get trait zones back like from H4 and H2A. Those were 10 billion times more useful.
Spartans can't go thru Gravity Volumes in customs either, that's the big issue.
The second issue isn't really a glitch. The gravity volumes, I assume, reduce gravity by over 50% in that area, so stacking the volume will give a negative gravity making you "fall" up instead of down. So you only need one gravity volume to have reduced gravity really. Personally I don't see it as an issue, but if it's really going to be labeled as a problem, then perhaps just giving the ability to adjust the gravity percentage in the selected volume will be of help.
I've encountered this problem as well. I need gravity volumes to be able to make many of my maps work. We should also be able to adjust their strength under object properties so that we don't have to keep stacking them on each other to create lifts.
Need to be adjustable volumes to finish a map I’m remaking from halo 4 was one of my favourite game types I had created and am having trouble finishing the work with out the proper tools... Been forging since Halo 3 and kind find it upsetting to have something like this cut from forge map is almost finished but need trait zones or adjustable gravity
Please don't revive 3 year old topics thanks