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Inconsistent shot registration.


Does anyone else have the issue where for 9 out of 10 games their shots do not register.

Even worse in some games you get no aim assist or bullet magnatisim but you do on your own teammates.

To explain trying to kill the enemy becomes as hard as it would to try and betray a teammate. Then you notice that your aim assist does lock onto your own teamtes heads.
Almost daily have problems with hit registration and weapon reload problems since the server issue that started last month. Seemed resolved for about a week but it's back!
My shot registration usually works. This past Saturday I had a long play session and discovered some problems. I shot a player who was one-shot in the head and didn't even get a hit marker. Then I shot his foot and got a head shot keep in mind I almost never lag anymore.
I play from Australia so this is a normal halo experience for every day and every single match either complete blanks consistently or at least a 2-3 shot delay against enemies also the inability to dodge anything from a rocket to a spartan charge etc no matter what they hit you and seem to always suicide with rockets even when you shoot it so far away so so dam frustrating
It's beyond frustrating. The people who run the servers should play the game. Give them a stipend for broken controllers.

It's hard to have confidence in the future of Halo if they aren't taking care of us now.

And please, don't correct me if you're an SR 50 or haven't played the game in a year and a half.

A uniform play experience is not too much to ask.
Haha your are def right! I’m tired of all these kids that don’t play competitive coming in here and saying the game is fine I don’t have any issues. It’s something you don’t have the skill level to notice or exploit but trust me at champ and onyx level it’s the difference between winning and losing.

I will literally try my hardest and barely beat trash kids yet when my IP is prioritized and I’m on a close server I’ll play better than some of the ripped rank champs within the playlist.

Just become a beast at landing 8 shots and only reload after firing 10 rounds. Pre shot thrust midway not at the end or it won’t register. You have to play super campy and don’t try to get any beat downs is my advice for when it happens.

In my case I have to wait until I can get that 1 out of 10 games where it’s my turn to carry and have fun and play the game how it should. Any other game my advice is camp and stay with your teammates and try to go 5 kills 10+ assists and less then 5 deaths and you’ll start seeing yourself finally rank up.