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[Locked] Is halo multiplayer down for everyone right now?

OP RobsonSlayer

Me and my friend both cant start a game right now
Down for me. Cannot start dedicated server.
yep, down for me too
Yeah. Dedicated server is failing to start anything.
Down here too.
Came here to see if others were the same. Always goes straight to 2/4 then says can't connect to dedicated server.
:( Yep
Is there any ETA on this fix?
Mine is still down as well.
I can't start any game type including custom games on xbox. Also Forge on PC doesn't work. Everytime it says 'unable to start dedicated server'.
Please keep an eye on the Xbox Live Status page, there is the potential for this to be an Xbox Live issue:
Sounds like it's time to finish the Campaign on Legendary. lol
Yup still down and nothing on the Xbox live page saying anything is wrong
343 are aware and are looking into this right now. A service alert has just went up for Xbox Live Parties as well, so looking more likely it's on XBL end
Definitely an XBL problem because we can't connect to party chat either.
Hey all!

There's some Xbox Live side issues impacting Halo 5 atm.

I believe MCC is unaffected if you feel the need to frag out. :)
I know I just posted but I'm being told things should be back to normal.

Going to close this off as the issues should now be resolved. We can start another thread if issues return :)