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Kicked from the game... losing boosts and progress

OP Smoshkan

I used to never get kicked from games due to connection issues. Now it's happening at least a few times every time I play. I don't believe my connection has changed at all, so I don't know what has changed. That's frustrating to begin with, but it's understandable that issues may happen. However, it's a bit disheartening when I make progress on commendations that are very slow for me to get (i.e. warthog destroyer and mongoose destroyer) and then continuously losing progress due to dropped games. It's also annoying to lose legendary or ultra rare boosts due to connection lost. Is there anyway these can be added as you play instead of at completion of the game (at least for the commendation progress)?
THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. It's horrible how many times I'm getting kicked from games. This used to never be an issue. I have lost SO much progress on commendations that are really difficult for me to ever work on. I'm losing REQs and boosts that I have been PAYING for. I have invested so much time and money into a game with absolutely no responses. It's like I'm being stolen from.
I have called xbox support, they have reassured me that my connection is completely fine. I don't know what to do. These forums are the only way of getting in contact with the halo 5 team. I feel like I've wasted so much time working on things that will never be completed. It seems like the only time I ever make any headway on a commendation like "mongoose destroyer," I'm losing my connection. I'm losing REQs like the spartan laser that were helping me gain these achievements. I'm just frustrated and I don't know what to do. It sucks devoting so much time and money to something that just kinda screws you in the end.