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After the Overtime update, I’ve encountered many glitches.

1. When I hold Back to view the scoreboard, the FPS drops to about 10 FPS.

2. Sometimes when I check the scoreboard, the screen becomes dark and I can’t hear anything, and the FPS goes down to about 20 or so.

3. Overall input lag in multiplayer matches.

4. Players teleporting around.

5. Matchmaking taking much longer than ever.

Anyone else experience these problems, or different ones?
I played with the update and didnt experience any of that.
I'm experiencing connectivity issues too, I've had a lot of rubber banding and lag issues. Hoping they resolve this matter.
Here is an example of the lag:

Two of the many, many laggy moments.

180/24 internet speed, 64ms ping, 0% packet loss (wired), MTU 1480.
I have thousands of hours into the Halo games. I played through the MCC fiasco. I am still playing Halo 5 and I really like the Overtime patch changes.

I will be playing Destiny 2 until this gets fixed.
These things happen every update. Everybody is downloading the update, and the servers are working hard trying to keep up. After some time, things will settle down and get better.
With such a large server farm (supposedly), I would think that downloading an update would be kept separate from in-game data.

But, I believe you.
Try performing a hard reset by holding down your console's power button until it shuts off. Let it cool down for 30 seconds before turning it back on. If that doesn't solve your issue, consider restarting your internet router. There are two methods to restart it:

A. Unplugging it from your power outlet for 10-30 seconds before plugging it back in
B. Hold down the reset button on the router until it restarts itself

This generally takes about 5 minutes, but will flush out any issues in the process.
I agree, there has been a frames-per-second drop in multiplayer since the update. It is very obvious to me, especially in Breakout. Also, I've noticed a bit of input lag when it comes to the controls, although i've been noticing that for the last few weeks.
Heavy aim (input lag) came back to my halo expierience every weekend from OCT 1st, it's almost like some piece of server equipment has been turned of stretching the existing system when the most players come together making me fall out of love and very frustrated with Halo 5. 150+Solid days of play and now every time i play i come to expect to have a massive debilitating handicap in games, i thought this problem was my net or xbox\equipment but it's 100% data server related of that im sure as this can come and go in any game in Halo 5 but no other game title.
same getting a rubber band effect and it says my internet connection fine
I also feel input lag specially when throwing grenades and aiming feels super heavy with arena matchmaking taking forever now
Virtually unplayable in australia. The lag is bad and matchmaking non existent at times. People teleporting, rubber banding. Oh and the constant ban hammers even though you complete a match. Particularly with me it says in my game history that i haven't completed a match, but i have. Starting to wonder if you even get the xp for it. Something has to be done.
Here is another glitch list thread which Unyshek already responded in, but I guess it couldn't hurt to also have it here.

Here is a glitch that happened last night where my weapons disappeared, but it might be an older glitch.