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[Locked] Losing connection to the game


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Also having this issue across all game modes even coop campaign. I am in the preview program, but not with the new home.
I am having the same issue. I started playing today & everything was fine, played probably 10 games to completion. But now 6 of the last 7 games I've played I lose connection within the first 30-45 seconds. I've reset box & router to no avail.
It happens to me alot as well, but its not every game. it seems to be every other game.
Same thing is happening here.
I make it through the intro of a match of Warzone then it says my console can't connect to the server (or something like that).
I'm a preview member and have the new home setup.
I just don't want a temp ban from being kicked out of all these matches. :(
I'm loving everything I've played so far, but it would suck if I had to pay a price for something out of my control.
same issue. was a preview member but opted out and uninstalled. cannot play a single game mode. very frustrating way to spend 70 dollars
Same issue. Can't play anything without getting kicked out within a minute or two of starting. Even me being by myself in a private lobby just causes a disconnect. Not a preview program member
Hey i just having same issue been playing game since min past midnight on 27th and digital preorderd version of game ... xbox is not on preview program so standard version for me ... i had not been kicked out of any games untill an hour ago and thats 2 times its happend now ... whats up ?

Gr8 game im very happy with it there is nothing at the moment im not happy with i just hope we can sort these teething problems :D

another thing could this be due to the host booting cheaters on Master chief collectiom that were able to find ur IP via cain & able and flood ur ip to boot you .... but since i was on skype with my mates at the time i was booted im guessing that wasnt the case since i was still on skype at the time i got booted and that wasnt effected.
Vesh Pope wrote:
I am having this same issue. Accross all multiplayer modes even co-op. I'm not part of the preview and have the digital deluxe edition.
Thank you for your reports! Our team here is investigating.

Additionally, if you are experiencing this issue, can you please let us know if you are enrolled in the Xbox One preview program?
So I after just trying a few things through trial and error I narrowed it down to just Halo 5 matchmaking, first I tried other games and they were working flawlessly. Then ran custom games and didn't experience lag spikes at all. Once in matchmaking though the story changes. Everyone in my fireteam starts the game before I do, I start late and throughout the game it just spikes with people walking into walls and me spontaneously dieing.

Time warner cable is my provider

I ran a speed test and my results are
38.65 down
6.57 up
12 ms ping
My NAT is open.
I tried on my 5GHz WiFi connection and my 2.4 with no juice

I am the only person that lives in my house and I shut down every electronic that took up internet and still keep getting these lag spikes. It has rendered the game unplayable to me and its really depressing I was looking forward to enjoying Halo 5 with my friends and now I can't.
I have just encountered this issue.

Haven't had it before. Launch has been perfect so far. I did DC from a game last night but that was due to my internet cutting out. I'm still in the Fireteam and I'm still in party chat with my friends. Not too sure what happened.

Regardless, I am not in the Xbox preview program but I do use Windows 10 Xbox App party chat if that has anything to do with it?

Thanks for looking into it!

P.S. Will edit/post again if I happen to DC again.
i am having the same issue and i am a preview member with the new dashboard
I am not part of the preview, lots of connection issues.
Just reciving a new error once i finised a multiplayer level :/
I appriciate the time n effort they will be puting into getting these fixed and no matter what bug i know they will fix :D
I get the "Connection Lost - Your console has lost connection to the game server" message every single match. I have 75 down, 10 up, and <20 PING... Connection on other games and Mac working fine. I can't rank up or do anything. No stats either. Also apparently there's a chance I will get banned for connection dropping. -Yoinking!- sweet. Thanks 343.
I am not part of the preview program and this happens to me in COOP SP and MP. Also the party I am in I get kicked from. Currently happened again and now I am stuck at waiting to join a match in progress... and hasn't moved in last 5 minutes
I seems to be able to get into every 3rd or 4th game. Doesn't matter the type. Custom, arena, war zone, or coop.

A 25% success rate sucks Especially cause it leaves my friends stuck a man down.
My roommate and I are having the same problem, but with different severity. He can play about 75% of the games that he starts. I have attempted 43 matchmaking games and have played 4. I am usually kicked out of the game within the first 10 seconds of a match. We are both on NXOE, but different versions.

My Roommate (Plays 75% of matches)
OS Version
NXOE 10.0.10577.1003

OS Version
NXOE 10.0.10577.1004


We are now getting kicked out of custom games and campaign. Custom games will not stay open even if no one else is in the game, just a single player in the match. I know it does set up a dedicated server, even if it is me just tooling around a map and looking around.
Fix this please!!!
Same issue. Losing connecting too often. I'm in the preview program. Hopefully it gets fixed. Really enjoying the game.
DISCLAIMER: My packet loss is 0 to 1%, latency hangs around 60, wired connection.So I have been playing some online multiplayer and having a great time. The only problem is whenever I get on warzone, which is the reason why I want to play multiplayer, I get insane lag, jumping around and most of the time I cant even finish a match due to disconnection.Naturally when things start acting up, I do some research to see if I can find a solution. Here is all I have found:
People with Time Warner Cable (TWC) have been reporting a lot of disconnects and lag issues on Halo 5 Multiplayer, and only Halo 5 Multiplayer. Any other games that are played there are no issues. That is the same with me, I have 0 issues playing online in any other games, even with WiFi.
Here are some examples:
"Are you on time Warner? I'm having the same problem and my connection is flawless."
"Yea I do, someone else mentioned it might be them"
Well... I'm a derp and closed the other links and now I cant find them, but there were a couple more sites and forums that were experiencing similar issues, saying they are using TWC. Hopefully I can find some salvation, because I cant play Halo online at all and I have no other choice but this busted #@$ monopoly of a ISP where I live.
Happening to me too. It is awful.
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