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Minor account and Spartan company


Halo team,
I understand the possible reason for not allowing minors to join a Spartan company but is there anyway you would reconsider? My daughter, who is 10 and plays Halo with me, would like to join my company. With your current rules, she will not be able to join for 8 more years (once she provides a credit card to prove her age). By this time, Halo 5 will most likely not be played by us as more titles would have been released.

If you can't allow my child to join generally, is there a way to allow ONE exception for her?

I know of many of accounts, all whom are minors, that have an adult account. I chose not to do this so I could monitor her Microsoft account, set parental controls, etc. like a responsible parent. I see no harm in her joining my Spartan Company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sorry OP, but there's no way to grant exceptions for this. Waypoint uses your Microsoft account and inherits some privacy settings from that, you'll only be able to join a company using an Adult account. Part of this stems from data protection and privacy issues as non-adult accounts are not allowed to use the private messaging system