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Missing Intermediate Supply Req pack

OP APrettyGoodName

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So me and my friend joined a spartan company and the leader told us we should receive a free Intermediate Supply Req pack upon first-time joining a spartan company, which we did join them first time. However, upon checking the notifications tab which showed we received it, it did not appear at all in our Unopened Packs tab. We tried relogging in Halo Waypoint but that didn't work either. Any help on this error?
same thing happened to me too man
its frustrating
Same here :/
Same the heck is up Microsoft and 343
Me, too. This ever get addressed elsewhere?
I have this problem too, just happened today (2nd March 2018), I got a notification but it's not in my Unopened Packs area, just a Gold Gift Pack that I can't gift or open because I do not own the official Halo 5, just the PC version, so I can't level up to SR 5.
But yeah, this Intermediate Supply Pack is no where.
Why is no one giving answers here?
Heck, IDK. I haven't seen anything on the other forums for bugs.
I had the same problem, but I was told that the few reqs you get are added and the opening sequence is skipped.
Here's the link
same thing happened to me
Yeah I had just joined Spartan company like 3 days ago. I have the notification but no unopened "Intermediate Supply" req pack on Waypoint or Halo 5. It's not that big of a deal to me but I would like to at least be able to open it lmao.
Well, this sucks is there any way we can report this to 343, I just want my req pack. BTW it coes with armor.
The same thing happened to me. I just want my pack...
I didn't get one either but I don't care. I care about the platinum pack I should've got by watching the HWC
I didnt get it either. :(
Nether mind it took forever but it arrived in my req packs today with an Armour peace. I guess just wait.
I got it too, weird, but at least we both have it now!
They all might be coming to me lol. I receive random immediate supply req packs maybe once a month.
Same here with me and my team
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