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Random Flickering lights when lighting is baked

OP Themurloc

I made a quick video demonstrating the issue since it now consistently appears on my map whenever i bake the lighting. It suddenly just has strange flickering lights off in random locations that never stop blinking. These also show up in custom games. They started after I began adding invisible light sources to the map, but continued happening even after i removed them all. I do have several scripted and physics based objects if that matters, but I dont see how that would cause this

SIEZURE WARNING the flashing lights are VERY intense

I selected all the top floor ground tiles to disable lighting and the flickering stopped. The issue seems to be stemming from those objects, but i can't delete them. the map needs a floor to stand on

Update2: Further baking the lights on top of the previous time will cause various objects on the map to have a blindingly bright emissive glow on top of reintroducing the flickering lights. A video of this is pointless since these new bright lights make it impossible to see. here's a screenshot:
I had this issue too. It seems to be when your map has reached 99/100% light map usage.

Or so it seemed to be with mine. Having lots of ground tiles and rocks can (which need to be baked) result in very high lightmap usage.