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[Locked] Regarding UGC in Halo 5 (Maps, Modes, & Films)

OP Forum Team

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Thank you for your patience over the past week as we worked to return access to UGC content. Access to Theater and Films has been fully restored! Please let us know in this thread if you experience any issues when using these features.

Our team is still working to restore Theater and Films as soon as possible, but they expect it may take until Monday, June 4. As an unfortunate side effect of the outage that occurred May 25 at 4PM PT, Films from matches played this weekend were not recorded. However starting earlier yesterday afternoon, Films have begun saving again, although they will not be made available until functionality is fully restored. Additionally, we are looking to return access to Films & Bookmarked Films from before the incident, but need to make sure tests go smoothly before moving forward. We’ll continue to provide updates as the team works to bring everything back online.

The internal test of our fix proved to be successful, and we’ve begun publishing it out to the public. As this fix rolls out, we will have to keep Theater offline for a few more days. As saved maps, saved game modes, Forge, and Custom Game Browser all come back online, please let us know if you encounter any issues.

We’ve begun testing a potential fix in our internal environment. Since it has just begun going through these tests it still may take time before we have the results. We will update you again when the tests have finished.

The team continues working tirelessly to bring all UGC services (Forge, Content Browser, Theater, etc.) and content back online. While we do not have any additional updates on timing, we expect these features to remain offline for several days.

As work continues, please stay tuned here for further updates.

The team has identified the issue affecting user-generated content in Halo 5 and Halo 4. While we work to fix this problem and restore functionality, features surrounding this content will remain offline and inaccessible to players.

Our teams are currently working diligently to restore full functionality as soon as possible, though we expect UGC tools and content to be offline for several days.

We will continue to provide further updates here as work progresses.

We are aware of issues currently preventing players from viewing or accessing user-generated content (Forge maps, modes, and films) in Halo 5: Guardians and Halo 4.

The team will continue to investigate and provide updates as soon as they are available.
Thank You Guys!!
Keep up the good work
I'm a new Halo player, and I love how fast you guys are looking at this! Thank you!
thanks guys, hope you guys can fix it soon :)
Still Down?
Dang glad for the responses I just hope some type of recovery is there for my map, was unable to save hours of work 😕
So this won't affect the actual game itself? Just forging and stuff.
I actually had fun playing games I don't normally play for once but thanks for trying to fix it
All of you are amazing. Thanks for all the help to the Halo community.
What exactly is the issue?
When Can you guys get the H5 service back up and running?
"Several days" probably not until after the holiday
Thank you for dealing with this in a timely manner.
16 hours and nothing from 343. “Claps”
16 hours and nothing from 343. “Claps”
How about you learn to have patience for once.
What about the fireteam problem where it doesn’t allow me to play any gamemode.
Texture and all relating to objects does change if you are using Xbox One, S or X.
I do have those 3 consoles and I can tell the changes.
Some of them in manor/mayor scale.
Several days? So I can’t have a clan meeting in a map? Damn
How did this even happen? Irritating to say the least.
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