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[Locked] [RESOLVED] Commendations wiped clean?

OP AKAlsadi94

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So the server had an issue and apparently all 380 of my commendations got wiped clean. I've spent quite a lot of hours doing that. How do I fix that issue? Because honestly that really just makes me want to put the controller down and walk away.


This issue is now resolved, and commendation progress should be returned to you, unharmed.

UPDATE, 9/22 10:15AM PT:

Morning everyone - the team here has identified the issue and is currently working on a fix. While we don't have final word just yet, this appears to be related to stats filtering, meaning certain commendations are being filtered out, rather than lost or reset.
Will be back with more as soon as I hear anything!


Update: I am passing on these reports (and entire thread) to our team investigating here and will also be providing any relevant updates through the evening. At absolute latest, we'll be sure to check in first thing in the morning (remember, we're on the west coast :p) if things have not been resolved by then.
Mod edit: response from Bravo on Page 2
Hey everyone, thanks for the reports. I've let the folks here at the studio know and they're actively investigating. Will provide any relevant updates when I have them! Thanks again.
Where are you trying to view your commendations: in-game or on Waypoint? I would suggest checking both before panicking; if your data is intact on Waypoint, then it's probably just a partial profile sync error.
Edit: I just looked at your commendations here on Waypoint and saw everything at 0%. And a SR 94 like you should have progress in pretty much all commendations. So that is alarming. I would still check both Waypoint and in-game on your end just to make sure; hopefully, this is a temporary issue that will resolve itself, or 343i will see your post and help.
Yes it's wiped clean on halowaypoint, the halo channel app on my phone, and in game..
i just completed a match a minute ago and it showed that I had progressed on my reset commendations, went into the commendations section itself. And nothing is showing, I am really at a loss. I just spent the last three days clearing most of my weapon commendations... and to lose it is quite disappointing. I hope this fixes itself, if not I hope 343I helps me out, gonna restart the system and see what happens
I have the same problem i don't have my commendations, on Waypoint there is no record of it
Hmm I googled this and apparently there are quite a few people this has happened to.
I saw this bug on the past year and 343 released an update for it
Bummer. Glad and not glad I am not the only one this is happening to today.
One same happened to me. Another strange note i am also lvl 94. Doubt its related but odd never the less
Hope this bug is just temporary.
Same just happened for me. Not all progress but quite a few categories.
Happened to me too. I'm so sad. All that hard work gone. All categories wiped. Wtf 343 I worked hard to get like 5 of those things completed and now you pull this -Yoink-.
Ignore this. More complete, accidental duplicate below.
Currently only affecting my Forerunner Destroyer/Slayer Mastery Commendation, as it's showing 0%. Weirdly enough, the individual Forerunner commendations are still at 100%. Everything else is fine though.

EDIT: Checked again, almost all of my game mode commendations have been wiped. Currently curious as to why this is happening.
Same thing happened to me and a buddy. We just finished a match of Firefight and it told us we won 6 packs (7 for him) for completing commedations, now not only are they all wiped clean, we never even got those packs that we earned from doing them.
Mine were reset too. Just want to add my voice!
Yeah all of my commendations have been reset and im not able to make any progress on them either
Yeah, most of my Warzone Commendations completely reset.
Has this been happening all day?

I don't wanna be the bad guy here I know everyone is trying stay hopefull. What if they can't fix it? Like I stopped playing it for 5-6 months but I know there's many people who've been working on it like all year. What are you gonna do if they can't fix it? I feel like crap but I feel even worse if you people lose that stuff too. Like all that energy would be wasted. And it's not like 343i can reimburse everyone idk how they would even fix it tbh, like I had a few things mastered and I showed my friend last week who is a hardcore halo player and he congratulated me on how well I did and I felt really happy and now I feel like that happiness has been ripped outta me. Like I don't think I'd trust 343i with their next games. I'm sorry everyone but I've read everyone's posts and it really really pains me to see everyone treated this way. I hope you guys get your stuff fixed at least. :(
Same issue here, seems to be affecting my Firefight Commendations.

EDIT: waitaminute, If I do the commendations again I get those sweet sweet req packs again right?
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