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[Locked] Search preferences

OP FlavourNinja

Hi guys. So awhile ago I switched my search preferences to focused thinking it would be a better experience. Well now that I'm back playing halo (thanks destiny2 endgame...) I've noticed much slower to get game matches, to the point of switching games due to the lack of time I have before work etc. And now i feel stuck with this setting... I've looked in the menus abd online for help but nothing. Someone help? Thanks
When you search focused, you are telling the system to limit the people you can match with to those within a low ping threshold. So if you find a game searching focused, the connection quality should be better. The trade off is that it will take longer to find a game because not only does the system have to look for similarly skilled people to match you with, but now also restricting that pool to people with similar ping/good connection. Less people in the matchmaking pool who you can match with means more time until you find a match (especially this late into the game’s life). If you want faster matches, you’ll need to search on balances or expanded, but then you can expect that match quality goes down due to lag and such.
Thank you for responding. I get all of that but my real question is "once I've chosen focused, is there anyway of switching it back to balanced or expanded?" Or am I stuck with only the focused option?
*Edit- found problem (boy i feel dumb) it's not in the settings or main menu. It's on the TOP when you go into social or ranked.
Wow.. 😐
Glad you solved your own problem. If any new issues occur, feel free to make a new thread.