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So i bought a series x and i managed to get into a fair few halo 5 games but now after like a few hours its saying connecting to server then kicking me out it has done this for nearly a full day when i can find games on mcc easy and connect, does anyone know what is happening and if they can find games.
Same. I'm getting 'There was a problem with the Dedicated Server'' error.
same problem for me as well. quitting the app and starting the game again sometimes fixes it but not reliably
Same problem here. New series X and halo 5 worked fine for a day, but now it’s been over 24h and I can’t get past the “There was a problem with the Dedicated Server” wall. Last attempt was 8:21 EST
I've been having the same issues. Its been unplayable at times.
Second and third all of this post.
I just force quit and restart. It happens whenever I quick resume back into the game.
I'm having the same issue on my XSeX.
Yep, same thing here. I even created my own post about it.

Best solution I’ve found so far is to do a hard reset by holding down the power button on the console itself for 10 seconds.
Solution that worked for me today was to sign out of my profile, then sign in again - no issue since. The game/hard-resets did not help.
Only does this for me and others on your very first game when loading halo 5... Then its fine every game after, very strange.
Yes, I have been having this problem pretty much every other day. I've found that restarting the Series X console does not always actually restart the game in this console as it used to in the One S due to the Quick Resume feature.
The "workaround" seems to be deleting the Halo 5 user files from the console ONLY under Apps and games and sometimes even the game reserved space.
That will force the game to actually quit and restart fresh.
If anyone has other easier methods or knows the fix for this I am all ears.
i don't have a series X, but my friends that do always start up a custom game when they first get on then end it and after that they don't have any connection problems
Halo 5 is borderline broken on Xbox Series X and 343 refuse to acknowledge it, here's another thread with several pages about it. I've tried reaching out to devs on Twitter with no luck.