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Server Reports: Latency, Disconnects, etc

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Description of your problem
Time and data where the problem occurred (if available)
04/28/2019 9:25 PM (GMT -3: 00)
Name of the playlist.
Are you trying out late grenades, shoot log, etc? Please describe.
Unregistered shots, radar not featuring enemies, slow gameplay, frequent disconnections.
Are you experiencing disconnections?
Are you "teleporting" or seeing other deformed players from one place to another?
Link (Waypoint, HaloTracker or Halo5Arena)
Video from your experience (XboxDVR, YouTube, Waypoint,
Network Information
Country / region
Your ISP
Optical fiber
Bandwidth Speeds (Up / Down)
12 Mbps upload per 100 Mbps download.
Make / Model your router
Tplink acer 20
TLCaldwell wrote:
Gamertag- TylerC99

    • For the past 14 weeks, I have not been able to connect to the halo 5 lobby service. Ever since launch to the time I could not connect, 14 weeks ago, I could play any playlist for as long as possible and then one day it just failed to connect to the lobby service. I have spoken to our ISP many times and their internet is fine and was even updated to current standards recently so their end is fine. I have attempted to play on other family members gamer tags, re-downloading the game, unplugging, clearing data, and still had no success so it most likely is 343i not being compatible with Central Link.
    • For the last two major updates, I could not even play any of it due to this issue. Being a halo fan for half my life while paying for the game and Xbox Live Gold really grinds my gears when I cannot even play the only game I enjoy. I am Spartan rank 114 and would appreciate it if I could play the game so that I do not miss any more content.
      • Occurs every time
      • Playlist Name- All Matchmaking Playlists / Lobby Service
Network Information
    • Country/Region- United States/ Central Time: South Texas
    • Your ISP- Central Link Broadband
    • Bandwidth speeds (Up / Down)- (6.92 / 15.89 Mbps)
    • Ping- 24 ms
    • Make / Model of your router- Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router / WNDR3700v4
    • Firmware version- V1.0.2.78
ANY SOLUTION ? Have the same issue
So I was playing Ranked Arena Slayer with a friend, we were winning, I had a Killing Frenzy with 0 deaths, then I disconnected, I was NOT HAPPY, I didn't diconnect from Xbox Live and The Party Chat I was in didn't go out, point is, I didn't lose internet connection. Then it disconnects me... just me, no one, not my friend, just me.
Look I suck at Halo 5 Multiplayer, not everyday I get a killing Frenzy in Halo 5... Then that happens.... I'm not happy about that. Please maintain the servers better next time
5/5/19, aprox. 10:00PM, Played an entire game of super fiesta. Our team won. Went to look at the score and the screen said retrieving data. Never got the score. Lost the entire game. Lost my boost, my daily win pack, the score, everything. Tried rebooting but I still lost that game. I live in Missouri. isp is ATT 100mbps. Router is ATT, BGW210-700.
I have been experiencing lag in all game modes for several weeks. During social arena games the other players arent showing on radar and they are glitching around the screen. Halo 5 is only game I'm experiencing problems with. Have over 50mbs internet and has been running strong as I play other games with zero issues.

Grenades leave late and stalled weapons like plasma launcher and rail guns. Melee and player is on other side of room.
I'm near Toronto Canada, gamertag RommelCaesar
Have download speeds on my Xbox through wireless at 3.5mb/s to 5mb/s should be more then adequate play a game have no issues streaming HD video.

Been getting really bad lag mainly playing warzone, rubberbanding, hanging to respawn and worst of all not being able to use any reqs, will constantly say retrieving data the entire time even if I go to a req terminal. UNPLAYABLE.
Random disconnects
Chilling in 1st place, disconnected.
Right at the end you can see and hear it gets quiet, and its like half the team disconnects, and the covenant boss banshees drop out of the sky.
I dont think this is lag. This is the servers, and its the reason im very reluctant to get mcc reach, or infinite.
More than half my total losses are from server disconnections or screen freezes.
Servers today have been awful.

  • Long wait times due to low population (even with search set to 'expanded'
  • Failed to join games due to random 'failed to connect'
  • Error for 'failed to join game' despite actually joining the game.
  • Randomly disconnected from the game for no reason, being dropped into the multiplayer 'social' lobby menu (When I was playing Warzone Assault)
Lately I have been having trouble ever since I moved with halo 5 guardians every time I try to play any sort of multiplayer mode like war zone a error message pops up saying that there is no suitable servers for all members of your fire team even though I play alone and all my setting like NAT and multiplayer settings say their good so I am not sure why I cannot join a server does anyone have any info on this problem or any suggestions
Party of 7.
Half of us lagged out.
Party leader backs out of mm every round completion, and that worked for quite a few games.
Cant find a match with "focused".
Switch to "balanced".
Get a match.
Instantly get disconnected.
WZ keeps freezing while in the lobby.
Some games the lag is really bad.
My shots don't register, yet I get killed with 2 shots from the enemy.
A lot of JIP games.
Only one freeze crash the past 50 games, one lag out. So its either been getting better, or im just on a lucky streak.
I keep getting booted out of halo games for the past month this is ridiculous please fix. Boston area
Instance Report
  • MrsWikk3d (my wife's profile)
  • Description of your issue
    • 17:24 30 May 2019
    • "Error authorizing user..."
Network Information
  • Country/Region USA/Virginia
  • Your ISP Comcast xfinity
  • Bandwidth speeds (Up / Down) 10/400
  • Make / Model of your router Ubiquiti EdgerouterX
  • Firmware version of your router v 1.10.9
  • Xbox is hardwired to a switch
Other users are still able to play, the problem is isolated to a single profile.
Can't seem to keep a connection. You know you lose the reqs u use in a game when the server can't stay connected. Twice in 5 minutes. Not a happy camper. 😡
Shots are not registering.

After I pop someone’s shields my shots are not as effective and I need about a clip a kill with the magnum.

There is way way to long of a delay from when I press a button to when it inputs makes getting a melee very difficult.

These have been present since launch but seem to have gotten worse.
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