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Am I the only one who was playing and the game kicked me out?
Now I'm trying to enter the game but I can't. I'm from Mexico.
It's down for me in Austria. I can't log into multiplayer.
Same here (USA), got kicked with error can't connect to dedicated server. Restarted game and console won't let me sign in now. Must be down.
I’m in the UK, same issue. Everyone on my friends list is on the main menu.
Seems to be a global outage for Halo servers.

I’ve dropped Halo Support & Snickerdoodle a tweet. Hopefully they can is an update on the scenario and get it sorted :)
yep, Canada here, got kicked and my datas gone

Hoping this is resolved quickly
Same in Utah. Unable to connect to Lobby Service. This would happen ha ha. I’ve been out of commission for 9 months and the day I come back to play I can’t. Ironic.
I have the same problem... from Austria
Same issue in Halo 5, MCC is also having some issues. When I went to try that I couldn't see the Season. I pressed start and the season icon was not selectable. It took forever to connect to be able to start matchmaking. When it found a match it just restarted the search and now won't find a game.

I reported a Service Outage on
That’s it guys they are getting ready for infinite. They finally rerouted all of the juice to the new halo. So get ready! Oh and you have to wait about seven months with no online halo multiplayer...
Yup, down in my part of Canada too.
Maybe if all the halo fans sing the halo song together it’ll be enough power to get the servers back online and get infinite sooner!
Down for me in the USA as well!
When will they fix it?
Same issue in italy fellas guess no Halo tonight...
From Mexico too, Same problem
Servers are back up for me.