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The DCs are real with this one.

OP dstraht

Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this is a common problem for a rare one or an in between, but quite frank this is a pretty ridiculous one. I've been playing Halo 5 for the past couple days and yesterday specifically, I've been getting disconnected from multiple games. My internet has been ok, I've been connected to Xbox Live when this happens aswell. I get disconnected and I can rejoin the game, which is what I did the first 2/6 times. After the third time, I got a three minute ban aswell as my Halo going offline. This infuriated me, but I just waited it out. It happened again right after and I got a 5 minute ban, did the same and waited. After that time it stopped for awhile, it came back and DC'd me again. This irritated me out of my mind so I just gave up and stopped playing all together. It happened again today, and I'm just completely done with this at this point.
I'm not sure if there are any fixes or if this is just Halo being infinitely stupid, but thank you for reading throughout this whole thing and and answers would be appreciated.
Going wired with an open nat cured DC s for me.