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WarZone DONT WORK (South Ameria, Africa,Australia)

OP Makiavelo SG

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I managed to play 3 warzone matches on launch day, then I can't find another one.

Arena works fine. Also from Brazil.

This is really sad...
I'm in Brazil and it's the same for me, not only warzone but any game mode that is not team arena or slayer does not find any matches.
Warzone not working. I'm from Brazil too.
I'm from Brazil and I can only find Arena matches! Still couldn't find any Warzone matches at all.
I am unable to find a match in Japan as well. Connect to friends once there are some people in their match and i can play...
Still the problem in Argentina.
The new update yesterday fixed the MTU problem.
But Warzone remains broken in Brazil.
I have the Preview Program and the new DashBoard.
Please fix fast!!
Hi, I'm from Peru and Aqui player we can only play Arena.
But Warzone not find any game.
We expect much and nothing. Solve the problem PERU
Soy de Peru y aqui Arena funciona pero Warzone no encuentra Jugadores.
In Hong Kong. Still unable to find a Warzone match, and I'm still experiencing lag whenever I find an Arena match.
I'm from Singapore. Unable to find any matches in Warzone but Arena works fine.
Really hope 343 fix this issue asap.
I'm from Chile, I have the same issue finding players in warzone. Arena works fine.
tmcc never worked fine for me, but games like titanfall or bf4 works pretty fine...
Here in Brazil, from what I've gathered, Arena works just fine but most people playing since launch couldn't play more than 5 or 6 Warzone matches. Always the same error: forever waiting in queue. So frustrated.
We are still investigating this issue and will provide updates as soon as they're available. Thank you for your continued patience.
Glad to see that you are addressing this. We have a major holiday coming up this Monday, would be great if we'd be able to play.
Please 343, fix this. Its so frustrating to get a game that you are crazy to play and than...... you cant play the multiplayer...
I can't find either, and that's frustrating as -Yoink-!!

They will keep just ignoring us or what?
Warzone still down in Brazil.
n Brazil we have MS dedicated servers that seems to be running perfectly fine in Slayer and Arena, being fast to find matches and playing them with no lag.

However, me and all my friends are having issues to find and play Warzone and Free-for-All. It stucks in "searching for more spartans..." forever (or until it shows an error screen saying it could find no games), in a similar issue of what happened to Halo MCC.

I find it hard to believe that the reason for that is the player base cause if the number of complaints is any indication, there are a lot of people trying to play unsuccessfuly!

It seems to be an issue affecting South America, Africa and Australia.

Has 343 said anything about that?
Are they working on a fix or we will need to stick with that situation?

It is frustrating to have, again, issues with the matchmaking as I did for MCC. I paid full price for the game and am unable to access some of the most interesting contents in the package! That said, I would love an official answer here that they acknowledge the issue and are already working on a fix.

By the way:
30mb internet, open nat, no MTU issues. Am able to play everything else (including Halo 5 Slayer and Arena) without issues.
All people in Brazil can't play Warzone or some other modes other than Team Arena... (and slayer)... so we got this expensive game, we got all other halo games as well.. and now because we are far from US or other countries we cant play it? To do a region block is just so low for a company... I sure hope you change that fast because that's just disrespectful... you guys will just keep out entire countries of the MP just so some americans can play with no lag? thats just low... Why not just release the game in the US then?

As I said in another post... I am mad because I love Halo and this move is just so low and... I cant even find the right words to describe it!... but thats not the end of the world, since I still have MGS 5 Game of the F@#ing Year, Tomb Raider, and Battlefront to play... and other great games that are not region locked...

I know I alone cant make any difference here, but at least, 343i, be smart and think about what you are doing... there are a LOT of games out there, that are NOT region locked, like the next battlefront, MGO 3, GTA, Battlefield, etc etc... and those games have sometimes a little lag.. yes... but they are doing so much better than any Halo game right now... you know why? Well you should, but I think you dont... because you are doing this HUGE mistake again... like in MCC... cant you just learn from your mistakes?

Why not at least let us choose how we play? Or the server we want to play... Or make all regions unlocked already! Geez!
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