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WarZone DONT WORK (South Ameria, Africa,Australia)

OP Makiavelo SG

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Raiden BR wrote:
Completely unable to find Warzone matches here in Brazil.

Issue seems to be widespread, hole threads in local forums complaining about not finding matches.

I was able to play 3 matches just after midnight launch, but since them absolutely nothing.

Please, this must be highest priority. Bought the game specifically because of Warzone. Being locked out of it is unacceptable.
I can't agree more. I'm sure this will be resolved soon.
Same here... BRASIL.
Warzone unable to match.
All of my friends... same problem.

Arena is OK.

Dedicated server region locked? WTF?

I played beta Warzone and runs smooth, now is impossible.


GT: Oluasc
Internet Provider: Net Virtua ( Brasil )
Download Speed: 30.20 Mbps
Upload Speed: 2.03 Mbps
Packet Loss: 0% Loss
MTU: 1480
Latency: 204ms
Just tried again for half an hour, no games found.
doesn't work for me neither
can't find warzone and free for all, other modes work just fine
Here another one from Chile, Arena it's OK but Warzone doesn't work, it only says searching for spartans
Let Us Play!

Brasil here... Arena works fine... Can't find a game in warzone... Please fixxxx
Hong Kong here. Arena works fine but I've been unable to find a warzone game for hours. Only managed to play three warzone games from two days of owning the game.
Please stop region locking servers it ruins the game for people who don't live in high populated areas Battlefield lets you join in dedicated servers worldwide and for me I don't even get lag why lock me out of playing with my friends on halo 5 I don't get it this happened with halo mcc I thought it would have been fixed
Now arena is gone.

and this probably won't be fixed considering how little the problem is for them if they don't fix it they lose a few players they already got our money hope seems dim at this point whether or not they are going to fix this
Hey guys,

I'm currently in Chile and I also get the "Unable to match" error after about 15 minutes of waiting in warzone but no issues in Arena. This is what I have tried so far:
- Hard reset
- Reinstalling DLC
- Reinstalling DLC with hard reset after each one
- Reinstalling game and DLC with hard reset

After all of this I'm still unable to find a match by myself. If I party up with my friend from the U.S. then all is gravy and we get to play warzone just fine. I do get some issues after 2 games completed in which we get separated and join a different match. I hope this information helps and that there is a quick fix for the issue and I don't have to wait for a patch :|. Really looking forward to playing warzone ASAP.
Hi 343,

Im from Brazil.

I'm unable to find anyone in the warzone mode too. I try in 4pm and nothing. Can us see the "player list" in the game mode like "Halo Reach" ? I think the low population of players with the game in region locking servers is cause of error.

Im frusted on MCC cant find big team matches, this type of error i never see on reach.
Brasil, too...

Can't find a game in warzone...

Please, fix the problem!
Since no one in north América or europe is complainig and that most of us were able to find warzone matches the first day its pretty evident that its a server problem. 343 should switch our accounts to a us server until the issue is fixed.
Yeah, i've only played 3 Warzone matches until now. Locking regions for matchmaking in Arena modes is OK, arena depends on ranking and good latency and ping are priority but in Warzone we kinda dont want it, we just want to have fun.
Same problem here, Brazil also.
Same problem here. Argentina.

GT: einyel
I was playing right now but it stoped working
I'm having the same problem, I did not play any game WarZone since the game was released. Brazil also .

Please correct the problem as quickly as possible .
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