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Warzone Not Finding Match


Third day I notice warzone playlist does not find a match. Warzone firefight finds a match without a problem. I have to quit the game multiple times before it finds a match.
In Niagara falls Ontario
Service provider Cogeco
Down 80-110mbps
Up 12-15 Mbps
Tp link Archer c7 router v4
Hey I am having a similar issue, but for me it is with pretty much every playlist. However I did notice I found a warzone firefight match much faster than regular warzone (where I literally can't find any matches, waiting for even like 10 minutes). Are other playlists, like big team battle for example, working for you?
Im having the same issue. Waiting 10-15 minutes before it says I cant find a game. Restart the search and same thing. Then, it freezes on thr searching screen but with no words and I have to dashboard quit the game to get passed it.Firefight seems to be faster.
Yeah I can't find a warzone match either
Cannot find a match. Have continuously attempted to find a match for the last 45 minutes & have yet to find one. It has been like this for most of the last week, this is very disappointing to say the least! Even when attempting to exit or quit my activity the screen freezes & will not allow me to properly back out. Ridiculous!
Same here
Have you guys considered the following:
  • Switching search preferences between Balanced, Expanded, and Focused
  • A hard reset of your Xbox
  • Resetting your console's MAC address
  • Turning off unnecessary devices connected to your internet
  • Restarting your internet router
One of these methods should work.