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[Locked] Weapon Charging Up Glitch?

OP ThatAmazingIdea

Hey, so I've been having trouble using the 'charged' functions of weapons in campaign and multiplayer.
It makes it so that when I try to charge up weapons such as the plasma pistols and incineration cannons, it just shoots like I pulled the trigger once. I spawned with a plasma pistol in warzone, but it was basically useless as I tried to charge it up. It kept single shotting so when I tested it on a wall, the only semi-consistent way for me to begin the charge process was to switch from my other weapon to the plasma pistol and begin charging quickly. In campaign, I attempted to charge up the incineration cannon and the vast majority of the time it just shot the two-burst mode. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or am I doing something wrong? I've been trying to charge up the weapons the same way I've charged them up in Halo:MCC.
Watch this :)