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Why does halo 5 keep crashing?

OP ChaoticPentrath

I don't know what is happening, every time I sign into Halo 5, and play with my friends the game crashes, kicks me out of games, or lags out if I am playing customs. What happened to Halo 5? It almost feels like what the MCC use to be like before its update.
Its you, I have no prolems (in UK) most players have little or no problems, but over the last few months a few (less then 10) have posted threads like this where the game (for them) is unplayable. Have never seen the OP find the reason for the problem.
It does crash a lot, especially after a game. The other issues could be your connection.
I believe most disconnects are router hardware configuration issues.
This fix virtually eliminated game disconnects. In my router settings:
  1. I gave the xbox a unique assigned IP address.
  2. I turned off automatic UPNP
  3. Create a port forwarding rule for the ports required to use XBL
  1. Port 88 (UDP)
  2. Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
  3. Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
  4. Port 80 (TCP)
  5. Port 500 (UDP)
  6. Port 3544 (UDP)
  7. Port 4500 (UDP)
Select the XBOX One as the Host for the above ports
I am wired, with an open NAT, always been. The above worked for me. Good luck.
i allways just assumed it was because it was such a large game and maybe the xbox was not able to handle it if it had been running for a wile and had gotten hot.
I'm getting a lot of errors. One tells me to, "Sign in to the account that purchased the game..." the other says, "Sorry, looks like our service isn't working right." My NAT is open and I still can't get in.