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Will I ever be able to play again?

OP ALazyWhiteGirl

For almost 3 years now I've been sending in tickets and complaining about connection issues.
I am in California and I cant seem to connect to anyone but people from Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, ect
The connections are so bad that I cant do anything, its so laggy.
I don't speak their language to call out in games to help my team.
every single game is so delayed for me that i'm already dead from multiple shots before I have barely seen someone
and can react to shoot them. The answers to my tickets help me in no way. Are the servers we get connected to this bad?
I don't get how every game is just awful its very frustrating. It seems like heavy aim is just my norm now in every game.
I've been playing SWAT for 10+ years and I h5 is just unplayable wtf =(
Is your search preference set to Focused or Balanced? If you’re having trouble with Balanced, stick the Focused. Make sure your connection is good as well because that can affect the types of players you get matched with.