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Cant play on-line on Xbox One or Win 10. Help!

OP Hawk269

Back when the updated Halo Wars DE from it being Early Access to regular, every time I try to play on-line I get an error saying that it cannot maintain connection and I cannot play on-line. So I tested this on my Windows 10 gaming rig and I get the same error. Tried it on my gaming laptop and same error. So every way I try to play on-line (Xbox One, Win 10 PC, Win 10 Laptop) I get the same error. For testing purposes I bought the game on Steam and guess what I can play on-line, no issues.

So I spent money on this game so that I can play it both on my Xbox One and my PC and it DOES NOT WORK...but it does with the Steam version.

Can someone please do something about this? I have about 200+ Xbox One games and all of them work on-line without issues. I have over 100 games on my PC and all work on-line without issues. It is only Halo Wars DE on Xbox One, Win 10 that DOES NOT WORK on-line.