Just wondering if anyone else is have trouble connecting with friends in this game since the patch for connectivity issues on Halo Wars 2?
They should be unrelated, however, a friend and I have been playing through the campaign over the last few evenings without any issues until today. We have both tried hard resetting our consoles and routers. I have two xb1's here and am having the same issue connecting with him on either console. Neither of us seem to be able to join matchmade games with other people. Although granted there are not a lot of results to choose from when you do search for a mp game.

Just a note, we can connect fine in other games, including Halo Wars 2.
An update for this, my friend bought a new GPU for his PC so he can run it there instead and we are still having the same issues connecting so I can only assume something has been updated server side which is causing the problem.