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Game save broken for no reason


Just been reading what I need to tell halo, about my problem so it can be fix quickly.
  1. My problem is: I have got gold medals on all missions on halo wars Definitive Edition and Halo wars 2 and I have also done all the objectives on halo wars 2 and I have the achievements to proof it, however sense Monday it has been saying that I haven't got gold medals on most of the missions and that some of the objectives haven't been done. I did get hold of Microsoft custom service team and spent over a hour going though troubleshooting and that did not fix it, so I know it is not me and my console that has caused the problem. Microsoft has told me to get hold of 343/halo, but this is the only way, so I hope someone gets back to me and sort out this very annoying problem/bug/glitch
  2. Platform is Xbox One
  3. My gamertag is SHAD0WKN1GHT094
  4. My region is the UK
Hope to hear from someone soon ☺