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Halo wars Cross platform for Steam and windows 10

OP Stealth luis

Hey guys I know alot of people who have bought Halo wars 2 ulitmate edition which comes with HW1 DE and I've realised that no one is ever on the Windows 10 servers which is so annoying coz it defeats the purpose of it being able to play on pc if there is no gamers online. A great solution would be to have it cross platform with steam servers as that has alot more active players for the game anyone else having this problem and agrees it should be open to steam servers
Yeah they can't implement cross platform play once the game has been released.
As far as i know they arnt going to make hw1 crossplay on ms store and steam along with ms store to xbox and steam to xbox but they can do it if they feel like it. A few other games added cross platform play after release. So it is possible but knowing microsoft and there money grubby hands they wont. Supposedly hw2 has a steam release in the works with crossplay so keep your fingers crossed.
And here I thought Microsoft was all about supporting Cross-Play these days yet don't with their own Halo titles because they're too busy shaming Sony for not excepting their invite..
Doesn't' help that a good chunk of Win 10 users can't connect online due to a server-side bug. Should check out the support forum.

343 really botched this rollout.
Oh yea they're all for crossplay but not with halo. They want people to continue buying xbones for halo, the xbox flagship. Same reason for the majority of halo's being only on the xbox. Unfortunately this exclusive crap is killing total publisher profit.