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Halo Wars DE crashes XBoS starting campain or tut

OP Da PartyNinja

I cant start te actual game on XBOX One S. The menus and intros all work. But when I try to start either the Tutorial or the campain, it loads the music starts and (l guess) even some sound effects are played. Then the sound hangs, it sounds like the soundeffect is stretched indefinitally. Which results in the entire XBOX shutting down. The controller stays on. Cannot powerup the console with the controller. Not even after the controller has turned itself off. Must use the powerbutton on the console.

Halo Wars 2 (disc version) works. other games and apps, no issues.

Removed the game and reinstalled from store but tha didn't help either.

Any suggestions?
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As per Camnator's reply I've tried elsewhere, in this case @XboxSupport on Twitter. they did respond and pointed me to which deals with Xboxes shutting down due to overheating or WLAN issues.
Since both don't apply, I'm able to play other games for hours on end, and this game crashes even before it begins... I couldn't imagine overheating as a possibility, however I've tested it with the Xbox out of the cabinet it normally sits in, and it already had a wired 1Gbps connection. I made a video of the crash and shared it with the webcare team. However they couldn't help me further, and directed me to the Xbox Support Live Chat. Which is at this time closed. I'll reach out to them tomorrow, and update this threat.

For those of you interested in the behavior, here is a video of the crash:
After a chat with Camille D. Tried to remove the gamer profile from the Xbox and play Halo Wars: Definitive Edition without a profile, which results in the same crash, I've been given the contact information of the developer of the game. I'll contact them asap, and report back here. Sadly the live chat does not support video chat and they say they have no possibly to view video's...

However the contacts I was given are these: - Hmmz, already here, aren't I? - Yeah that's how I contacted both @XboxSupport and Live Chat...

Just send a tweet including above video to @halo. Hopefully they will pick something up.