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Leaderboard Errors in Campaign Scoring


The Leaderboard in Halo Wars Definitive Edition for Single Player Campaign (SPC) shows the sum total of all the points that the gamer has scored in campaign mode. It also shows the number of campaign missions that the gamer has played. Each mission is scored based on several factors (completion time, secondary objectives completed or not, and any skull multipliers). A rough estimate is that, on average, a player can expect to score anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 points per campaign mission because some missions have a lot more secondary objectives than others.

There is also another location where you can look up the sum of all your campaign mission scores. It's in the "Service Record", which you navigate to from the "Options and Extras" selection in the main menu. Unfortunately, the service record does not report how many total campaign missions you've played. It only shows scores.

Anyways, there is something wrong with the Halo Wars Definitive Edition Leaderboard because it is not correctly reporting the total campaign score nor the number of campaign missions played. In my case, my service record shows that my Total Campaign Score is 5.7 million. However, the Leaderboard shows my score at 3.3 million. The real kicker is that the Leaderboard shows that I've only played 5 campaign missions. That is insane. I have played WAY WAY more than 5 missions. I have played the campaign missions so many times, it's scary.

The discrepancy between the gamer's Service Record and the Leaderboard needs to be fixed.

All this was brought to my attention because I received a random message the other day from a gamer who asked me how I had scored over 3 million points (3.3 million) in campaign mode, but with only having played 5 games. I responded to the individual, thanking them for bringing this to my attention, and informing them that I have played WAY WAY more than 5 games, but the Leaderboard shows that I've only played 5. It's simply not possible to achieve over 3 million points in only 5 games, assuming around 50,000 points per campaign mission completed.

Additionally, I scanned through the Leaderboard, and it is obvious that I'm not the only one affected. There are lots of gamers that the Leaderboard shows as only having played a handful of games (less than 10), but with a total score in the millions (2+ million).

Is Microsoft aware of this problem? If not, they are now. And, how are they going to fix it?

Side Note: the Leaderboard and Service Record of the old Xbox 360 version of Halo Wars seems to be pretty accurate. For my gamertag, the discrepancy between my scores in the 2 locations was small, and I believe the number of games played reported in the Leaderboard of the 360 version. It's curious that the Xbox One version of the game (Definitive Edition) would have Leaderboard errors when the 360 version does not.