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Unable to play Multiplayer with Friends

OP xIFelixx

So, I recently pre-purchased Halo Wars 2 before its release date. The Ultimate Edition was my desire, as I wanted the Definitive Edition of Halo Wars 1 for me and my friends. Thus, I finally received my code for Halo Wars DE after a few days of waiting. I opened the game, went to campaign (Friends were not home) did a few games there, and then, when it came time to join multiplayer, I was excited to get online and to play the game that me and my friends had wanted for many months. After selecting multiplayer, I was disappointed to see that there was an error message that appeared: "You have lost your connection to Xbox Live. Unable to maintain your online session." This would happen with both multiplayer and when trying to join a friend's lobby. I thought that it may be server problems, so my friends went and did campaign for gathering skulls. One day passed, and still no luck with being able to do any of the online activities on Halo Wars DE. I contacted Microsoft Support to see if they could solve a problem, and was paired up with George G. and one other representative (Whose name evades me). We went through EXTENSIVE troubleshooting to fix the issue, with a final console reset being used to fix it, to no avail. I have no other problems with other games being able to be played online, and receive no such messages for any other game but this one. The main reason I bought Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition was because of the Definitive Edition of the first Halo Wars. Searching for a solution, and waiting for follow up from the Microsoft Answer Tech.

If there are any suggestions, or answers, it would be much appreciated.
Also have a reference image to go off of. There are two, a Gyazo, and an Imgur link

And a reference number of 1376462822.
Hello Bryce,

This is George G, using a alternative email to get in touch with you. Please keep in mind that I was already able to forward this to one of our dedicated supports to get this reviewed. I will be posting you an update from time to time. In addition I will also monitor this page and hopefully a admin will be able to check this out for you. :)
Hi Trophc Mouse, you know there are several threads about this exact same issue that have been unanswered by 343 and microsoft on this forum alone. Are you a representative of either? because there's a lot of people who would like this issue fixed, including myself. A sticky post... or an actual response from someone to our threads would be appreciated.
I have the same problem too, did you guys find a solution yet?
Nope, and I've tried to reach out to 343 through a few separate channels, as per usual, silence instead of a real response. Not even a "go to hell".

I've tried everything, redownload profile, reset xbox, change game region, redownload game, redownload save.

All I can tell is it's related to the profile for your account on the server, I can bring a brand new silver account in and it can play right away, switch back to my gold account and "Session unable to be maintained".
Hello Guys! more than a month from my last post and still cant play online!

did you guys find a solution yet?

I miss Fort Deen 3v3
Daaron 18 wrote:
Hello Guys! more than a month from my last post and still cant play online!

did you guys find a solution yet?
I miss Fort Deen 3v3
Check your multiplayer connection settings.
Unplug your router, wait 5 minutes then start it up again.
Right, so this has clearly been an issue since launch and i'm understanding to the fact that the focus may solely be on Halo Wars 2, however all those who have purchased the ultimate edition to obtain the first game along side it predecessor have been neglected. We paid extra to get an experience that was promised and the has been nothing to resolve this. If so many of us are receiving the same message its clear that its an internal issue so i have to ask why it hasn't been fixed yet? What about all those who paid for the game through Xbox online store specifically for the multiplayer? I hope this can be fixed soon since we've all been waiting for soo long
I have the same issue and discovered something interesting.

The Xbox One version and Windows 10 version does not allow me to get on-line. I get the same error you guys have. So I decided to download the Steam version and it works on-line with no issues. So if the Steam version can work on-line, why cannot the Xbox One/Windows 10 version? There is something seriously wrong with the Xbox One/Windows 10 version. All my other games on both console and PC play fine on-line, it is only this version and on their own dedicated platforms that does not allow me to play on-line.

The fact that this thread has been here since mid-march and not a peep out of MS or 343 really shows how bad they support their products. I know not everyone has this issue and not sure why it is isolated to some, but the fact that the Steam version works has to say something.
The problem is hawk, it's not every XBL or Win 10 profile having issues. According to True Achievements tracking, there is dozens of people earning MP only achievements each day. So it's not affecting every player, just some of them.

What I have managed to isolate is that it appears to be a profile specific problem, it's not a console or installation issue. Something is wrong with certain XBL Gold accounts (maybe something hiccuped on the server when they were first created) and every time you try to log in online with that profile, you get bounced out.

It's definitely not cloud saves either, HW: DE only stores campaign checkpoints on the cloud, everything else is 100% held on the HWDE servers much like HW before it.

So we're sunk until 343 pulls their thumbs out of their -Yoinks!- and sends a tech to check out the accounts that have problems.
What is the point of having a Support forum and no one does anything?
Dear Community,

i recently moved flats and since the first day with internet in the new flat, I've been experiencing issues to play halo 5. My internet is working fine since I can play other games online with no issues (battlefield 1 for exemple)Sometimes the "Could not find server suitable for your fire team" message appears and some other times I can launch the matchmaking but it will not find a game.

So far I've been able to randomly play halo 5. Sometimes it works and some others it's just impossible to play. I can also play in custom games. This issue only appears in matchmaking.

I've got a fibre connexion, and have hand opened the xbox ports (though I'm not sure it made a difference). My nat type is open 100% of the time, and halo is the only game not working. So sad.... :(

How can I play again? I hope this will be read and that my issue will soon be fixed!
hi guys!

6 months later finally my game is working online on my xbox one,
Please fix the servers in definitive edition it is pissing everyone off and you are losing players, time, and money. I'm going to switch to psn bec this is sad😤😡