Hello everyone,

Im not from america, so my english is not so good but I hope that you still understand what I'm trying to ask

1) Scripting Explosions

I dont know what im doing wrong, but I try to do explosions with a script terminal. So everytime I press the Script Terminal, I want the explosion to happen / activate.
I did this, but I want the effect (human explosion) to vanish until I press the terminal again. Do you know what I mean?

2) Wielding Flags / Assault Ball while driving vehicles

You guys remember the Gungoose Capture the Flag Mode in Halo 2 (Blood Gultch) ?
Is something like this possible in Halo 5? I want to to carry the flag / ball, while driving with a vehicle (I have a nice map concept in mind, but I dont know how to solve this problem) because I just can sit as an passenger while carrying a flag.

Fortunately the repeating explosion issue has a fairly easy fix. In the explosion effect's scripting add a new action set it to "Wait" and set the time for a few seconds. Add another action after that one and set the action to "Despawn". Once the terminal is pressed the explosion effect will spawn wait a few seconds and then despawn itself resetting it for the next use. As for your second question I don't think it's possible, but I'm not 100% certain. Hope I could help with the first question at least.
Thanks, it worked :)

For the second Issue: Its a pity, because the Gungoose CTF Mode was really awesome. There would be so much new stuff / maps, if this would be possible again in Halo 5.