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OP Stinger05189

The bug has to do with the content browser.
The last oddball update somehow broke the ability to search prefabs or any other content with keywords
Now this is a big deal. For people that have nearly a thousand prefabs all designed for a specific use, the bug sometimes makes it impossible to find them.
Yes, the the tags, bookmarks, and like sorting still works, but I'm that just isn't even used for somebody that is make 100 percent original content.
I spend the majority of my time scripting and creating new game mechanics to be used by other forgers. My best example would be my in-game "object pickup tools". They are basically tools that create a garry's mod type of feeling in the world of halo 5 custom games. Without fast and descriptive searching, it makes it extremely cumbersome, to use multiple prefabs.
If there's anyone that knows a fix, or thinks they can spread the word, halo custom games would benefit greatly.