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Halo 5 : Forge Still Won't Launch for Many people.

OP EastCoastKazzy

343 Get Off Of Your -Yoink- And Fix Your Game. For many people including me, they downloaded Halo 5 : Forge and experienced an issue in which the Halo splash screen pops up and within 1-5 seconds it closes and there are no errors nor are there any pop-ups at all. I've tried updating Windows 10, updating my drivers, even opening powershell and entering some command lines meant to refresh all applications. No Difference. It's frustrating to say the least, yes it's free, but I didn't eat up 30gb of my hard drive for a splash screen and a few hours of stress so far. If any of you have ANY possible solutions, please tell me.
ALSO yes I did try deleting the Halo app as well as going in to Apps & Features and resetting the cache for Forge.
Seriously this blows! whats wrong with this?
I found a fix for it guys, I was having the same problem with Mini Ninjas. Before you launch the game, you have to close any monitoring program. In my case the program was MSI Afterburner. Every time I open the game, I have to close it. Hope it works for you, quick and easy.
Still dont open for me... :(
Hey, when I play Forge, it freezes at loading screen when i try to join a game? It’s also crashed. Any help?
I thought I was the only one with this problem