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Option for Non-supported SSL4 Procs NOT GUARANTEED

OP Malikoodle

Hi guys,
I was searching a way for Phenom II procesors to play game. And I found a video that shows how to run RE:7 on Phenom II processors .For people who dont know RE:7 gives a error on a stage for this processors.So I decided to try this option. This is easy to apply but It is not GUARANTEED for performance issues. I bypassed 0x8000001 error and able to access game menu but it was very very very laggy and even could not select menu options. But maybe It will work for you. Here is how
You should download Intel SDE for Windows first. Here is a ink for this.
Accept license terms and select file from the list. It should be fourth. Download it and unwrap anywhere where you can easily access.Your folder must contain all files in the tar file.Shift-right click on empty place of folder and select "Open command windows here".
Now open your game and wait for error screen. Before you click continue, go back to command line and write :
and look for halo5forge.exe's PID number. This should be right coloumn of the exe files.Like "9958". Keep this number on your mind. You need it. Then write
sde -attach-pid <your game's pin number>
If there is just a blank line, It is ok.Keep open command screen like that. Now go back to game and press continue. Wait for Microsoft and 343 animations. It will take couple minute or 5 min or more. It depends on your computer specs. Then you will see "Press Enter to Continue" screen.Voila ! You are ready but like I said It may be very laggy. Try to press Enter and wait for XBox sign in screen.Then you will able to access game menu.
Thats all I can do. Sorry for bad english. I know ıt sucks. Video will come soon. For now , I hope you can able to play with this method.
Written a batch file to automate the process. Make a bat file in the same folder as sde.exe and paste the following in the bat file. When done that, all you need is to run the batch file when the error screen is up. It'll find the PID automatically.

@echo off
set "process=halo5forge.exe"
echo Attempting to find the process %process%
for /f "tokens=2" %%i in ('tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq %process%" 2^>nul') do set PID=%%i
echo Process ID: %PID%
sde -attach-pid %PID%