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Strange Lighting Glitch Halo 5 Forge?!

OP Kairo

After nearly completing my map in forge and carefully making sure the lightmap and baked lighting on objects are all optimal to ensure that the lighting is perfect and smooth the lighting randomly glitches and turns off on a bunch of objects near the teleporters on both sides (from the sender to the reciever side which are far away from each other) and I check a bunch of these objects and somehow their light bake options were turned off. When I proceded to turn the light bake back on these objects they stayed exactly the same after generating lighting.

My lightmap is sitting at 93%, FX 48%, Objects 942, Groups 52, Scripts 0/512 (yet to come), Collision 19% and Physics 16%

I'm not sure why this is happening, I tried deleting everything I meticulously added before but it didn't help my map, it's stayed the same since. I've been rampantly turning off light bake on things that don't need it like outside objects and it hasn't helped these few objects that seem like they're glitched. Any ideas?

I deleted the problematic objects and replaced them with the same objects by replacing and re-editing them. It appears these objects were genuinely glitched.