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Strongholds not scoring

OP Loot Sierra 106

What are the object properties to get the strongholds to score? I made a map The Tanker 3.0 (3rd attempt) the holds are captureable and it says " your team scoring " but no scoring happens. In game options i have it set to all 3 need to be held to score. Is there something i am missing in the forging process? Please help me,
You place them and they work. If you are going to test it, you'll need to capture all 3 according to your settings. You'll also need to make sure you didn't set the time interval between scoring points too high. This will stop you from scoring for the allotted time until you've held the hold for that time set. Tips: Don't use unlimited time or rounds in your gametype settings; it can cause issues like this or server errors that kick out out of the match.