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Typing issue still going on after over 6 months.

OP Sohee

A bit ridiculous that even as of today we can't talk in Halo 5 Forge. Not only that, but there exists no voice chat whatsoever. If this is the way that 343 is going to treat every PC port of their games then I hate to imagine how miserable Halo Infinite is going to be.

Has anyone come up with a fix? Everyone that plays Halo 5 Forge is pulling their hair out over this and it's killing off an already delicate game with a measly population.
I'm having the exact same issue, and the typing seems to have broken after the recent windows updates. The broken chat and the fact that heavy aim still exists on the PC version is aggravating to no end.
It's not going to get fixed, along with the many other glitches and issues in the PC version. The Xbox version has bunch of broken mechanics that won't get fixed either.
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