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[Locked] Your PC does not meet the minimum requirements

OP Sighz21

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nVidia SLI 2x580 - dxdiag.exe show me DirectX 12 installed and has no troubles.
Double SLI 580 is equal to one 680.
I think, this mean a minimal requirements are passed...
My laptop was running Halo 5 Forge at 60fps, max settings prior to when I reset my laptop. I have all the required specs and above for this game to run, but for some reason It says I do not have a certain version of the intel video precessor that it requires to run. However, when I checked my system, it showed that I have the latest version installed. So I definitely believe it is a bug on 343's end, not your computers. They need to patch this up.
This is beyond stupid, I can comfortably run the game at least with minimum specs, yet i can't play because 343 can't make a functioning program.
If this is how Halo has been brought to PC then I'd rather have it stick to console.
I would stick to console too but I have PS4 because i'm so done with microsoft XD
Well I figured it out after the Error message you hit enter, then hit alt-tab immediately and it goes to bordered window, and it at least booted for me to the main screen. you probably won't see any of the gui until you alt-enter again to go fullscreen. This is the only way I can get the game to start, the funny thing is when i get into the gui of the game it says "different hardware configuration detected, allow change?" then auto-changes the res?....wierd and seems to run fine fullscreen... tell me if this helps anybody?

Dave Janowiec
Do any of you guys no how to get more video memory because I have below the minimum requirements and the game always lags and then crashes it says I need 2gb of video memory but I can't seem to change the amount of video memory can u guys help me thanks
it WAS working, then it stopped working after i reset my laptop. It won't even run at 30fps even though I reinstalled and updated all my drivers. My laptop has more than enough capability to run this game, or even ea's pathetic battlefront at 60fps at full graphics. So I don't understand why it fails to run smoothly.
i have
intel i3 4170
gtx 560
my Direct3D DDI: is 11
Yep same problem but i don't even get the error message, i just closes

+ intel core i7-6700 HQ 3.60 GHz
+ nvidia GEFORCE 950M 4GB VRAM
Same problem, however for me Norton just tells me that I don't have enough memory and that if I don't close the game then other processes will start to lose functionality but if I refuse to close it then Norton closes it for me without even giving me a second to do anything.

GeForce GTX 970M
Intel Core i7-5700 HQ CPU 2.70 GHz
16GB RAM (15 usable)
If HALO was on all platforms, we no longer where in this -Yoink- today
Please don't revive old topics, thanks
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