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Achievement Problems? Details please!

OP ske7ch

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Played in Xbox One S with a digital copy.
Finished the campaing in co-op (I was the host), my partner get the achievements I don't.
Ending the campaing and the last 3 levels not popup for me, but they show completed in gold in stats.
I have all the skulls (i used almost all of them, they are unlocked) but my tracking says 66% of skulls.
Finished all levels in gold in co-op, 8 and 9 in solo by myself in gold and didn't get the Palmer's Pure Gold neither (Progress stuck in 72%)
1. Xbox 1
2. Palmer's Pure Gold, A Lot Extra,
3. I have met the criteria for both achievements. I have completed all bonus/optional objectives and received gold medals for each mission. This is reflected in the 'stats' screen that exists for each individual mission. If you scroll through each mission, it will show that I have every objective completed and every gold medal earned. However, the achievement progress bar is stuck in the area of 80% for each achievement. Please note that I have complete all requirements in solo campaign, and have completed many of them multiple times. I've also complete many of them multiple times in Co-op as well.

In addition, I've had issues with other achievements unlocking. I was stuck at 98% on the "Man-to-freak communication" achievement; I played multiple games of skirmish and online matchmaking with Forge, taking care to only use Forge's Warthog to get the last kill. I probably wiped out 50+ unites with Forge without result. It finally popped randomly in another Skirmish match a week later (I was using Forge to once again get the final kill).
Any chance this will be resolved?
1. Xbox one
2. A lot extra, Palmer's Pure Gold, Collecting a dream, This war is over, The setup ...
3. I should have all 5 achievements, according to the campaign missions menu too. I only tried them once. After the last mission I expected them to pop up, they didn't. I hope this helps.
Edit: I posted this a couple days ago, and yesterday my campaign record and time played record reseted to zero. I played 30+ hours now it's says 2 hours. And my saves are gone too.
1. Xbox One
2. Completed Under the Dark and the rest of the campaign on normal and did not get achievements. Have them all up to Under the Dark then nothing popped.
3. Got the achievement for winning 3 as Forge maybe 10 mins before beating Under the Dark.
1. Xbox One S
2. The Hard Fight and Palmer's Pure Gold
3. Fully completed campaign on heroic with no achievement and achievement progress for gold medals stuck at 72%
I am having several achievement problems that I hope you can patch.

I am playing on Xbox One, my gamertag is Foreman5707. The following achievements are not unlocking:

Palmer's Pure Gold (Currently the Xbox Achievement tracking says 81%)
A Lot Extra (Currently the Xbox Achievement tracking says 76%)
The Hard Fight (assuming this would unlock with Surviving the Long War)
Surviving the Long War

I completed the Campaign on Legendary today. The in-game missions menu shows that I have completed all mission on legendary, completed all of the bonus objectives, and my highest medals are gold for all missions.

I really don't want to play the ENTIRE campaign again since I cannot tell what did/didn't track.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

I just bought this game on Xbox s and cannot get a single achievement to unlock, completed basic and advanced training along with first mission "the signal". I'm also having an issue with repeatedly connecting and disconnecting to the halo wars servers like every 15 seconds. I have runthe test in the settings and have a solid online connection and other games work fine. I really hope you will investigate this as I really enjoyed the first game, thanks.
In addition to not being able to get the Legendary and Heroic campaign achievements, I just played a coop campiagn match with a friend and got a gold medal but no achievements unlocked...
Xbox One -Rank and File
I did the Banished version a few days ago and just noticed I didn't have the UNSC version. I just went through all 3 default leaders and built everything 3 times now (yes anders sentinels too), and got nothing. I guess this kind of thing is sorta common at the moment. :(
1. Xbox One - Digital
2. Achievement for all Gold, all bonus objectives, Legendary and Heroic.
3. completed the missions multiple times with gold result.. waypoint says I havent gotten medals on some? I have video proof of it. Completed the game on Legendary no achievement. All bonus objectives are done on my game screen but not on the website... =(

GT: CTow603
Xbox One

Story achievements

I've completed the story and do not have story completion, and some missions are missing. Come on 343 this shouldn't be an issue.
I posted earlier about having all skulls and bonus objectives complete but not having the achievements. This is still an issue for me and I have re-run a few levels to try and get them to work, however, I also wanted to add that I had trouble completing the achievement for using all 6 launch leaders in multiplayer matches. I finally did get it to unlock but only after playing 2-3 gamers per character. Not sure what I did differently the second or third time but it did end up unlocking.

On a side note, I have noticed that if you do not hard shut off your Xbox so that the game reloads from the very beginning it tends to mess with achievements more. I have had no further issues as of yet by hard shutting and closing out of halo wars 2 before I play.
1) Xbox One, Digital copy.

2) The achievements for collecting all Skulls (Collecting a dream) and for completing all Bonus objectives (A lot extra).

3) I did 2 separate playthroughs of the campaign, plus several mission redos for completing missed objectives. I have completed all of the Bonus objectives AND collected all the Skulls, but each achievement shows me at 97% (A lot extra) and 86% (Collecting a dream) respectively.
1. Xbox One Digital Copy
2. A lot extra, Palmer' s pure gold, paint it red, stacked the Chips, jackpot, it just keeps going, all or nothing, firefighter, on fire.
3. Played the campaign many times on easy getting gold every time and I have gotten all bonus objectives many times but a lot extra is stuck at 91% and Palmers pure gold is stuck at 90%. Played firefight a few different times today and got no achievement progress in paint it red, stacked the chips, and jackpot. We got to wave 27 in firefight so I didn't get the achievements It just keeps going for beating level 25, I played all my cards in blitz and didn't get the achievement All or nothing. We easy beat wave 10 but didn't get firefighter achievement. Also we scored over 2M in score which beats the 500k for On fire but didn't get that achievement either. I don't know what else to do I've played everything many times like I said and have had no achievement pop or no progress added which my friends got progress and/ or achievements. It's making me frustrated and making me not want to play anymore. Currently I'm trying the do one daily a day for a week and one weekly for a month to see if those pop and if not that's 10 achievements I'm missing out on. If anyone has any advice or can get this to someone that can fix this I would appreciate. Also my gamer tag is Cochran1o if anybody wants to send me links or info to that. Thanks.

Ensure you let the AI win in firefight mode. That may resolve firefight achievements.
Xbox One: completed campaign and didn't get any achievements for completing missions around halfway through
1.Xbox One
2. Legendary and Heroic Campaign Achievements. Says they are on 93% and 94% progression respectively? But I've almost been through the entire campaign again on Legendary and no dice.
3. Completed a few missions in Legendary to try get it to pop, no luck. Not gong through entire campaign again when Waypoint, and the Game lists me as completing all 12 missions on Legendary.

Also! While Im here, Halo Wars DE 'Mr Punctual' Achievement is not unlocking for me either, and have completed all par time on Heroic twice! Its my last achievement to finish the game!!

Playing on Xbox

Collecting a Dream
Palmer's Pure Gold
A lot Extra

100% completion on all of these in my Serice Record. Achievements are stuck at 80%-90% so I have no way of knowing which ones Xbox thinks I have. It does seem that redoing these objectives/skulls does not help from the comments. Interestingly, my "The full story" achievement did unlock just fine, along with my "The war is over" - so I'm at a loss as to why the other ones didn't unlock. I'm no developer, but maybe have a patch that goes through everyone's Halo Wars 2 service record and set it to auto unlock next time we boot up the game (so long as they are completed). It would be easiest I'm assuming for the Service Record, since the data is already laid out. An alternative idea might be to have it re-scan our Service record and update it to show which ones Xbox Live did not process, so we can re-do those.

As a completionist style gamer, it's just awful seeing those 90% complete achievements staring me down when I know that I've done them! Please come up with a patch! I really enjoy this game and I'm looking forward to this fix. Keep us in the loop!
1. XBox One
2. A lot extra achievement.

In game, at mission select, I have all the bonus objectives. On my XBox home under achievements the progress is stuck at 94%. On Waypoint my individual mission progress is all over the place. Multiple levels don't have all bonus objectives complete, some of my gold medals don't show, and not all collectibles show.

Thanks for the help guys! I'm really enjoying this game. Just a few bugs to work through.
1. Xbox One
2. Collecting a dream, Palmers Gold
3. It appears that almost all of my achievements have stopped tracking. I mention collecting a dream and palmers gold because I know for a fact that those are both done, but they are stuck at 86% and 18% respectively. Also, "A lot extra" is off because I'm only missing 1 bonus objective and it's stuck at 67%. On a positive note, I did have "Big Spender" pop for me today, but when I had checked the teacher said I was only at 37%. Hopefully this can get fixed soon so I can clean this games achievements up before the new DLC :D
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