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Achievement Problems? Details please!

OP ske7ch

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1. A Lot Extra

2. Xbox One

3. I am beyond frustrated with this. Achievement stuck at 97% for like a year (so one missing objective, original campaign), even though the game said I had them all. So, I finally decide to delete my saved data and try that route. Delete it all, then the game shows my one missing objective to be on mission One Three Zero. Easy peasy right? Wrong. Complete the mission objective, no achievement pop.

Delete my saved data AGAIN, this time from the console AND xbl. Deleted the reserved space too. I even hard reset my Xbox after doing so. I then boot up the game, and it shows the same missing objective on the same mission. So, that previous completion didn’t even register. I do the mission AGAIN (easy, no skulls), complete all the optional & bonus objectives, didn't skip any cutscenes, get to the mission complete screen showing all objectives completed, hit continue to go to the next mission, watched the opening cutscenes, and then hit “resign”.

Still no achievement, still stuck at 97%.I did notice that for the mission complete screen, it showed my rank as 1, but in the main menu it was back to normal.

What’s up with this?! Am I supposed to keep deleting my saved data and doing the mission until it registers? I want to 100% this game, but this stupid glitch is taking the fun out of it. I stopped trying to 100% it last year, and until I can get this one stupid achievement, I’m not gonna to try again.

Any solutions?!
Update: Did the whole thing again. Deleted my saved data, objective updated as incomplete again, redid the mission, no achievement. Three times, no success. Guess I’ll periodically delete my saved data and try again. Any help would be appreciated.
Daytona396 wrote:
Just to the delete save method supposed to be only at the start of another ‘4 weeks in a row’ run, or after each week before starting he proceeding week? I reset 2-3 weeks ago and am up to 8 in a row overall with nothing yet.
It has to be done after every time you play. So for example if you did all your weekly challenges in one session on the 1st of May then you would delete your save ready for the new 8th of May challenges. On the 8th of May after finishing all you weekly challenges for the 2nd week in a row you would then delete your save again ready for the 15th of May which would be the 3rd week etc.

If you don't do all your weekly challenges in one session i would delete your save before you go back to finish them off just to be safe.

Basically every single time you load up Halo Wars 2 you should have no save data for the game on your console and you should download it when the game syncs the saves with the server. Hope that clears up any confusion because it looks like you've wasted 8 weeks trying it the wrong way. :(
Oh, well then. I guess I'll make sure to do it every time I play. I started doing it a couple weeks now, and just banged out 2 of the weekly that reset this morning. Guess it'll be another 2 weeks at least. Do we know if it makes any difference doing 1, 2, or 3, of the weekly challenges? Or doing one at different times in the week to ensure it gets recorded as complete?

As of right now, I'm sitting at 98% with this being the only outstanding achievement! I hope this works out somehow.
Well.....I’ll be damned. It actually worked. Just gave a weekly a try for this week and it Poped the achievement. It must be hit or miss if the weekly gets saved if you don’t delete your saved data. In any event, thumbs up who ever came up with this!
Done 11 dailies in a row, without getting the short term commitment achievement. I bounce back and forth between PC and Xbox. I guess I'll try deleting my progress every day to see if it helps... Weird.

I just want to get this game 100% before MCC gets the updates. Then it's back to the last Halo achievements I need, MCC! Finally feel mostly caught up after taking a year or so off of achievement hunting for Halo.
1) Xbox One
2) "The Ancient Enemy" & "Again with the Tentacles"
3) I finished the campaign on legendary, I've met all criteria. I tried hard resetting my xbox and doing the missions again on Legendary but it is still not unlocking. Not sure what to do now.
1) Xbox One
2) "Palmer's Pure Gold" / "A Lot Extra" / "Full House"
3) I have replayed the mission One Three Zero many times completing and it will still only show 2/3 for optional objectives. When I look at my states on waypoint they do not reflect what I see in game. It's gotten to the point I don't even tried to get the new achievements in fear of putting the time in for disappointment.
1) Xbox One
2)"A Lot Extra"
3)I Have replayed all missions so many times lose count... I decided to wait for updates for it to fix, worked for "Collecting A Dream", But NOT "A Lot Extra". Have had all bonus and optional objectives since 2017. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice, done other things people have said that helped them and nothing. Please help, I don't know what to do anymore...
I always enjoy HALOWARS 2 in Japan. I love this game.
Are there plans to improve this game's bug?
Best fun this game, I sincerely want to recommend to other people.
Please make my feedback useful.

2. All achievements are completed.
3. However, save data periodically disappear (timing is unknown)
The data that disappears is mainly the campaign phoenix logbook added by DLC
Especially the item of flood disappears completely. (It becomes a locked state no matter how many times unlocking is done)
Also, the mission of the HW 2 campaign
It will not be saved if you clear the condition of "one three zero" sub - objective in game.

Many sub-objective not be unlock in HALO WAYPOINT

Thank you
Scramjet C wrote:
1) Xbox One
2) "Palmer's Pure Gold" / "A Lot Extra" / "Full House"
3) I have replayed the mission One Three Zero many times completing and it will still only show 2/3 for optional objectives. When I look at my states on waypoint they do not reflect what I see in game. It's gotten to the point I don't even tried to get the new achievements in fear of putting the time in for disappointment.
The same phenomenon is occurring
No, any updates on A Lot Extra? Any news from 343 or anyone who found a way to get it?

At this point, deleting my data has stopped resetting my completed bonus objectives. So, I’m back to not knowing which one I have to redo (not that re-completing all of them multiple times even did anything). Achievement still stuck at 97%, no way to tell which one I’m missing. But even if I could find out which one is missing, I doubt completing it would even work.

XBox One.
Is anyone else experiencing disconnect problems since the July 2018 update. I have a good internet signal but I’m being disconnected 2 out of every 4 or 5 games. Pretty frustrating and I’m sure the players in the versus AI are upset to lose a player.
Any feed back would be great. Thanks.
Can someone please help me understand why Halo Waypoint isn't updating medals and mission completes as I do them? I have been searching for the last 10% of Palmer's Pure Gold for awhile now. Really frustrating. Game says I have a gold medal on every mission but Waypoint is showing I'm missing mission 2, 10, 11, and 12. Literally have replayed dozens of times each. How do you track this stuff when it all seems messed up. Don't know if anyone still gets on this but any help is appreciated.
On top of palmers pure gold being stuck at 90% even after replaying everything multiple times and getting gold and The collecting a dream stuck at 80% my Halo waypoint stats are grossly inaccurate and i mean super inaccurate even looking at the objectives and skulls you can see it doesn't add up
My stats on waypoint say i have all the skulls and all done on legendary but am missing a lot of sub objectives and have no gold medals. Nothing updates even after replaying only the Operation Spearbreaker missions update and register as Gold but all my other missions say silver or lower. Even looking at top of the stat page it says i ha e all sub objectives except 1 but then you scroll down mission specific details and it says i am missing multiple when in reality im not missing anything. Btw i have everything All gold all objectives/sub objectives legendary, logs all of it but my stats are way off.
Welp just lost all of my data. How is this crap still happening?
Hiijacked wrote:
Welp just lost all of my data. How is this crap still happening?
All i know is after the last update with the Awakening the nightmare all my achievements i wasn't getting finally unlocked so maybe if you install the base game offline without updates then go online and install the update that will work? That is assuming you have the game on disc.
Hiijacked wrote:
Welp just lost all of my data. How is this crap still happening?
Good luck to you pal i remember how frustrating that achievement crap was
Deleted this game and anything to do with this game. -Yoinking!- ruined the whole experience for me. I take pride and getting my achievements, and I did my part by beating it, good to know that 343 can't hold up their end.
ske7ch wrote:
Hey everyone - I know the team is looking into one or two issues re: Achievements not unlocking when they should but from looking around the forums it seems pretty inconsistent in terms of what's working and what's not for different people.

To help our team with their investigation can you please provide some additional info for us? Specifically:

1. Which platform are you playing on? Xbox One or Win10? (or both)
2. Which Achievement(s) are not unlocking for you but should be?
3. Any additional info you can provide - have you fully met the criteria for this achievement(s)? Have you tried more than once to get it to work? When did this issue arise?

thank you!
1. Xbox One (Halo 5 edition)
2. Palmer's Pure Gold (Sitting at 81%)
3. Was having issues with A Lot Extra and Palmer's Pure Gold. I ocassionally replay through all the missions hitting continue after each. Last week I finally unlocked A Lot Extra after completing Mission 12. However Palmer's Pure Gold still refused to unlock. I am running through again solely for Golds. If this run fails. I plan to finish up jackpot and delete my game data and go from the top in a single day. But I like my progress as inconsistent and potentially incorrect as it is.

I doubt this will help you guys now. But who knows.

Thanks for creating this wonderful game and continuing the series Ensemble Studios had to say goodbye with.
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I just finished the first mission for The Flood campaign, no achievement popped when I finished (XBOX ONE). I'm not quite sure what to do.
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