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Can't connect to Halo Wars 2 servers

OP Kestrel Centuri

I literally see it every 5 seconds after joining the game and it keeps showing on main menu, i already did tracert and i couldn't connect to one ip it said to me only timed out, i did msreset, it didn't changed anything, I even reinstalled the game and still it's not fixed. I really don't know what to do
Same for me dude i tried to play with my friend and it connected for like 6 seconds and then "Network error you lost connection to halo wars 2 servers" and this message shows up every time i launch the game in top right corner.

So i can't play with my friends or multiplayer.

Edit: I also cannot connect to xbox app on my pc for the same reason "You have no internet connection please check your ethernet cable..etc"
same here mid way through the game i get booted and network error pops up
Iv got the same problem did anyone resolve it I can’t get online at all
Happens when another xbox joins my network.

We have 4 xboxs in the household. If any of the other 3 turn on and sign in, I lose my game 100% of the time. Does not kick me from other games just Halo Wars

I play Multiplayer > Versus AI

I use an xfinity modem. I do have port forwarding activated. I completely wiped the game from my HDD, and reinstalled, still issues. The issue is 100% reproducible. I can force a server crash if I wish. On a Xbox One S. Maybe this resolved with an Xbox Series X?

Extremely frustrating when so many other people in the house play on their xboxs often.