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I have been playing the Halo wars 2 game for a couple of years now on the Xbox One s. What I have noticed is that there are players who seem to build units in mass quantities and extreme abilities within the first 90 seconds of one-on-one matches. This usually results in a lopsided victory. I don't know if they arer PC players and using patches they've downloaded from some website somewhere, or if they are just really that damn good! Either way, it just seems very fishy that this happens so frequently because I don't experience this issue when I play two versus two or three versus three matches. It's only in the one versus one. I think it's time that the developers look closely at some of these people and how they're playing because there is no reason why a person should be able to create units they're so powerful that within a matter of 90 seconds can destroy all of their opponent's bases. Even if they do manage to get destroyed, they're quickly replaced as if there was no build time. This is extremely frustrating when playing ladder matches. I have not been able to get out of the bronze ladder at all this year. I have suffered so many losses at the hands of people who appear to be cheating that I'm getting to the point where I don't really want to play this game much anymore. I've actually taken breaks from the game for months at a time because of this behavior that keeps happening.

I'm an older gamer in my late 40s. I've been using computers since I was about 10 years old and I played all manner of video games over the past 40 years. Never in my life have I experienced so much cheating or suspicious activity in a game. Not to mention the fact that people will get really nasty and send messages that are inappropriate via Xbox messenger like a bunch of sore winners. This kind of behavior is really sad. I realized that there is a wide range of age groups who play this game and I continue to report bad behavior when I encounter it but it seems like it's getting worse. And this isn't the only game that has issues like this. I play on Ark a lot too and that game in player versus player mode is often lopsided. People keep hacking games and obviously don't have a life. Please fix these issues with Halo Wars 2. Otherwise I'm going to find something else to do with my time on the Xbox. I'm hesitant to buy any more games related to Halo future releases.