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Game doesn't always start up - Xbox One

OP HurryingCandy

The problem isn't always there. Very random and sometimes fixed by different solutions

When I start up the console and press play on Halo Wars 2 it sometimes only shows the Game Logo screen (the red with Atriox) and then Crashes saying the game took too long to start (0x8027025a)

I can re try and sometimes after a coupe of tries it works.

Sometimes I first start another game. Quit that and then Halo wars works.

Sometimes I have to restart the console.

Note this problem isn't new but I wanted to wait a while until the patched started rolling out hoping it would solve it yet up until now nothing has

GT: HurryingCandy

Country: The Netherlands
So this is Mircosoft's offcial word on the problem. Here's a video, regarding the problem. It appears that sometimes the xbox can't handle the stress. Therefore take's longer than usual. I would recommended doing a hard reset. If it happens again some other time, do to another hard reset. Rinse and repeat. It doesn't look like this problem will disappear any time soon.