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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 - KNOWN ISSUES

OP ske7ch

Hello - Please see below for an ongoing list of known issues as reported by players. This is by no means a complete list and we will continue to monitor and update as we move forward. Thank you for providing feedback and thank you for including as much detail as possible when you're posting about issues you're experiencing.

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Halo Wars 2 Top Known Issues - April 6, 2017

Since launch, Halo Wars 2 has received several large patches delivering a variety of fixes and improvements to the majority of issues being reported across the community. While the game has been greatly improved with many issues already addressed, the team is still tracking reported bugs and issues and working on additional updates to come.

  • When playing Halo Wars 2 on a computer with Intel® Graphics, you may experience some software bug issues that are currently being addressed.
Please make sure you have the latest graphics driver installed (15.45 or above). You can download it from the following site: Intel Graphics Driver. Please use these instructions to install the driver: Driver Installation Instructions.
  • The team is aware that the achievement "Two Heads are Better than None" is currently not working as intended. This is being investigated.

  • "Please choose a valid profile" - Some players are blocked on Windows 10 with a prompt to select a valid profile yet are unable to do so resulting in a crash or an infinite loop unable to launch the game.
We are still tracking this issue but have been unable to consistently repro this problem. Please ensure you're signed in to the correct profile (sign in using the Xbox App, for example) and/or try to load the game without using the Halo App (some users have reported success with this workaround). If you have this problem and end up finding a solution please let us know as we continue to investigate what's going on. Microsoft support may also be able to help you work through the issue via phone or chat.

  • Some players have reported being unable to download the game and/or update via the store.
The store team has indicated that players should let the download continue, even if it looks as if no obvious progress is being made. Often times the game/patch is downloading in the background but it may not be actively reflected visually. Please let it go and it should eventually complete as expected.

  • Some players are experiencing misc. crashes while playing Halo Wars 2
note: The team has identified a few of these issues and fixes are being included in the next game patch

  • We are aware that some players are 'dodging' matches in ranked play in an attempt to avoid more skilled or difficult matches.
note: The team is aware and is working on a solution for an upcoming patch.


  • Some players are experiencing corrupted campaign saved games when attempting to load (often resulting in a game crash) This issue has been fixed as of April 5th patch.
  • The "Short Term Commitment" and "Long Term Commitment" Achievements should be fixed as of March 27.