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Halo Wars 2 Frame rate/Lag

OP RBGSteel Dragon

For some reason a lot of times in the game of Halo wars 2 (multiplayer) it seems that the frame rate is low and or it is lagging constantly and I DO NOT have a potato, I have lots of other games I can run on max graphics with no problem AND I don't even have halo wars 2 on max graphics to make sure it is not on my end. Anyone else having these issues?
Yes I have these issues. It usually happens in blitz mode. I am running an i7 6700 32gb ram and gtx 1070. It works fine in the campaign. I have seen other website forums with other users experiencing the same. The beta worked fine.
Yeah I get this unplayable lag on PC MULTIPLAYER ONLINE too, then disconnection follows straight after. I'm Australian so i'm not sure if this has anything to do with it? I've played Co-op campaign and it works fine. Me and my friend played VS AI and its fine, but as soon as I go into Multiplayer I get Lag and DC. My PC runs all games very well with just an i5-4460, 8GB ram and a Gtx 750. FIX IT 343 I payed $120 for this early access, but as usual 343 keeps its tradition of unplayable multiplayer on release.
Yes the problem is pretty much all. Is at the servers. Annoying. Hope and pray that it will be fixed soon.
same problem here :(
same here anyone knows if theres an ETA on fix?
Same here, feelsbadman. I want to play MP badly.
just curious after the patch yesterday is anyone else not even able to play, as soon as I click the play button to open the application (PC) it just instantly closes
My game only crashes after every match
I'm having a hard time just finding a game on pc