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Hard Crashes on Xbox Series X

OP ReignofJerm

I’ve tried to play multiplayer on Halo Wars 2 a couple of times since getting my Series X yesterday and both times it hard crashed in the middle of my match. Anyone else seeing anything?

Twitter and the forums were silent on the issue.
I’m gonna try it tomorrow will let you know if this happens to me
Same issue here =(
I am playing the campaign mode, and it hard crashes randomly.... one of those times it took 3 tried to open the game. The first time it froze on accepting the mission, the second as i re open the game it froze on the word Microsoft.
It is frustrating to spend 620$ accounting for extra controllers and game pass to have thw games crash so often....
100% agreed crash to many times and then get my team harassing me in messages! Fix this asap
Yep crashes frequently during a skirmish and i lose everything - incredibly annoying to invest 30 min to a game and then when it starts getting really interesting you get the buzzing noise, graphics stutter and then a hard crash and dumped back to the xbox menu as if nothing happened. Please fix this.
Same issue here just reinstalled wanting to play again but it keeps crashing on series frustrating!