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HW2 crashes at random while in game

OP Gio527

I recently downloaded halo wars 2 on my pc and whenever i play after about 2-3 games whenever i load into the next game, ill play for a given amount of time and then my screen will freeze for a couple seconds and then just go black. Sometimes it just crashes completely and other times it will stay black but i can still move and hear my leader and units, but i can't see anything. I have looked everywhere for a solution, i went to microsoft tech support which was just about useless unfortunately and i would like to know if anyone has had a similar problem and see about any solutions.
That happen to me during cross platform matches. Playing from xbox it was all right for me, but very often some player quitted after the same amount of time ( and maybe 2-3 players together in the same moment, without being in the same team ). While when I played from pc I was the one quitting: after 30-90 sec ( it depnded ) it showed a message saying something like ‘connection lost’ and I was booted.
i dont even get a message it just freezes and crashes
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Well what did you expect? Anything 343 releases is garbage...they change their company slogan to “If it ain’t broke, break it” -pretty sound logic to me
i couldnt agree with you more lmao
Having the same issue here on PC.