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Kinsano DLC Not Working

OP Gorillaboo1085

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I'm also having the same issue.
Got the same issue reset my Xbox One s and now can't download Kinsano Xbox Support sent me here too but glad to see i'm not the only one having this problem
This is now an issue for me as well but seems to be part of the Mixpot giveaway during the microsoft press conference as I could use her fine before I was given the dlc code today
This is getting absurd... How can it be legal to sell something to someone full well knowing its not going to work but continue to take money from everyone despite being aware of their own failure to deliver the product. 3 Sets of dailies I have missed now because its unlocked on my gamertag but not playable. I wish I could have a business model where I collect money for things that I never plan on following up on and just claim its a bug so I can keep taking everyones money without having to do anything for that money.....
All I can say is make sure you all keep posting stuff here, if people google Halo Wars 2 if this page has enough active content they might see the problems with the game first and not buy it. It seems the only way game devs ever solve problems like this is when it hurts their sales so if no one thinking about buying the game see's this I don't know if they will ever fix it.
Same issue here. GT: Adrenaline

I had two chat sessions with MS support. Both times, they told me there's nothing they could do because it's a problem that the game developer has acknowledged. We have to sit and wait for a patch.


There was no problem when accepting everyone's money. Why is it okay to fail to deliver the goods? Refusing to give a refund (or some sort of compensation) BECAUSE THE DEVELOPER ACKNOWLEDGED THE ISSUE is beyond insulting. Is that all it takes now - just acknowledge the issue and then you're in the clear?

I posted on a similar reddit thread and tagged sketch a few days ago. Hopefully someone steps in and resolves this issue, one way or another.
This is frustrating.
Oh wow its fixed!

Working fine for me now
Update my Kinsano just got fixed cancan play with her now
They fixed Kinsonio everyone. Thank you 343 for a speedy fix.
Okay so I can now use Kinsano again, but it seems i can't move the item to my external drive when in the manage menu for Games and Apps
Unplugging my Xbox fixed it
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